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Route 66 Day 5: We're Not In Illinois Anymore

After a full day of driving we crossed the bridge into St Louis, Missouri. It only took us 5 days to get to another state! 1 down, 8 to go!

Actually, we walked to Missouri before we drove to Missouri. We went to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River. It was a beautiful walk and offered a unique view of the St. Louis skyline.

Driving through St Louis brought back memories of our first visit there, in 1988. We only went as far as St Louis, so we are excited to see more of the state from Old Route 66. This is my Route 66 Paparazzi shot for the day!

We stopped at Jensen's Point Overlook in Pacific, and climbed up to the top for a great view.

We passed quite a few abandoned motels with some weathered signs

We passed a large lot with piles and piles of logs. We also saw what looked like large stacks of pallets, we couldn't quite make out what they were making. We found the site on google maps and found McGinnis Wood Products in Cuba. They make wine, bourbon and whiskey barrels. The stacks of what looked like pallets were actually stacks of barrel staves that were drying. McGinnis is a cooperage, which makes barrels. Pretty neat!

These water towers in St. Clair gave us a laugh! We appreciate the humor of naming the twin water towers hot and cold!

As we settle in to plan tomorrow, we agree the highlight of today was the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge. It's one of those sites that is so unique, it becomes a great memory.

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